The financial/accounting function in most small to medium size businesses may be competent to support the existing operations in controlling and transaction processing, but tends to be relatively unsophisticated regarding other important aspects of the CFO function. As interim or part-time CFO, KMF Consulting Services provides the financial and operational background and expertise critical to enhance business value and achieve ownership’s strategic goals.

Service Areas Include

  • Analyze and implement business and operational control processes to grow and enhance business performance.
  • Implement budgeting and forecasting of operating results and cash flows.
  • Assess and/or establish policies and procedures for accounting controls, and asset and data security.
  • Evaluate operating units and service areas and conduct operating and project management reviews.
  • Establish a line of credit and manage banking relationships.
  • Provide strategic, organizational and operational planning and implementation.
  • Integrate financial and operational processes for new and existing operating units.
  • Perform due diligence and implementation of M&A, and business disposition strategies.
  • Knowledge transfer and coaching of next generation management.
  • Manage review/audit and tax return compilation processes with CPA firm.
  • Manage transition from cash to US GAAP compliant accrual accounting.