KMF Consulting Services offers a tailored approach to every engagement. In practice, we follow the steps outlined below:

Assessment Phase

We start by getting to know the needs and objectives of Company ownership. We assess management’s strategies, the key business drivers, financial information and controls, how information is communicated, and external factors impacting the company. All information obtained through review and meetings are strictly confidential.

Planning & Strategy Phase

We confidentially review the key findings and recommendations for value enhancement and process improvement from the assessment phase. We then establish a plan to achieve strategic and operational goals, identify and prioritize implementation steps, assign responsibilities, and establish timelines. We agree on the role of KMF Consulting in the implementation process.

Implementation Phase

Finally, we introduce the implementation plan to the company and begin its execution. We regularly monitor progress and recommend and implement changes where necessary. The KMF Consulting role may range from one of strictly guidance and advisory to hands-on implementation and managerial oversight of key financial and operational processes or business units.