To provide high value financial and strategic services to increase growth, profitability, and company value of small to medium sized business organizations in change or ownership transition. 


Why KMF Consulting

Small to middle market business organizations trying to grow or are considering organizational changes, often require resources, expertise or services that are beyond the scope of existing personnel. Hiring a full-time person or turning to high overhead consulting firms may be cost prohibitive and not fully effective. KMF Consulting Services utilizes a team oriented approach, leveraging existing company resources to develop and implement solutions, and transfer knowledge.

Part Time or INTERIM CFO    

Provide the financial and operational background and expertise critical to enhance business value and achieve ownership’s strategic goals.

Transition & Exit Planning Services

Help to align and execute the owners’ personal plan with the business plan to fully achieve the most favorable transition/exit outcome.

Special Projects & Services

Support discreet situations that may arise that require certain skills and experience or time that may not be readily available internally.