KMF Consulting addresses discreet or one-time situations that may arise that require certain skills and experience or time that may not be readily available internally. Examples include a business acquisition, disposition, integration, or reorganization, loss of a key manager and other special situations

Service Areas Include

  • Acquisition or disposition evaluation and execution, including due diligence and coordination of attorney’s, CPA’s, investment bankers and other outside professionals.
  • Strategic and operational planning.
  • Business valuations.
  • Coaching of next generation for leadership succession.
  • Evaluation of underperforming business units, and implementation of a turn-around, disposition or asset liquidation process.
  • Special projects working with foreign owned US businesses.
  • Post-disposition support including wind up of assets and liabilities not assumed by the buyer, review and negotiation of escrow or indemnity claims, and litigation support.
  • Interim operation of a business unit or area until full-time management can be identified and put in place.