At a certain stage in the lifecycle of a business, owners must consider how best to transition the business to the next generation or to effectively divest the business to new ownership at the most advantageous value. This often involves the process of aligning the owners’ personal plan with the business plan to fully achieve the most favorable outcome.

The transition process can take many forms in addition to an outright sale, including ownership redemptions, conversion to an ESOP, management buyout, and family transfers. These choices also govern how value is determined.  

Ken Fischer is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) as well as a CPA with accreditation in business valuations (ABV).

Service Areas Include

  • Review of the transition/exit process.
  • Provide business valuation services to determine baseline value.
  • Perform a value factor analysis to examine the business through the eyes of a prospective buyer and to show what drives value.
  • Implement operational planning and performance enhancement to increase the pre-disposition value of the business.
  • Conduct pre-transaction due diligence on the business to ensure the business is ready for the sale process.
  • Coordinate the exit process with attorney, CPA, investment banker, wealth manager and other professionals.
  • Arrange for and organize the personal financial and wealth management planning process.